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All about Nalatheni (me!)

Hi everyone. Nalatheni Saotomay, at your service. I am currently a level 3 (yes, fairly low, but this isn't my first character. I've been playing for about 2 years or so.) rogue. I am NOT a thief. I am 32 years old. I have an older sister, Mhala. I am engaged to Allewes. I have many friends. I enjoy hunting just about anything, as long as it can't kill me. My home is in Icemule, although I currently live in Wehnimer's and I also often travel to Rivers Rest. I don't play the game to gain levels as fast as I can, I play for fun. That's why I just threw out all my training points to get a spell instead of getting stronger in areas more important to me. I am an aspiring lockpicker. Well...that's all I have time to write now. I'll add more later. Bye.