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All about Meilann

Greetin’s. Me name be Meilann al’Phoenix. Ah’m a 36 year old (age, nae level) Dwarven Warrior. Me best weapon group be 2handers, an Ah’m almost ‘alfway decent wit OHE. Ah enjoy ‘untin Dark Orcs, Wraiths, Hillies, Ogres, an’ Titans. Fer da live un’s, Ah like t’ use either me Gleamin’ Steel Flamberge o’ me Arctic Titan Vultite Zweihander. Or, if’n a feel da need fer a shield, me glaes cleaver. Fer dose unlivin’ critters, Ah switch t’ either a bone-hilted iron greatsword, o’ whate’er OHE blessable Ah kin pick up off o’ da ground. Ah’m a pround member of Voln, an’ as a result, da WD an’ da AI are likely places t’ find me. (Unless Ah’m in Icemule thyrils, killin’ thirty a minute an’ actually leavin’ wit a decent ‘aul sometimes. Not usually though, tis simply fun!).

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