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Welcome to my world!

Gemstone III is a text-based role-playing game available through the world wide web at The game takes place in the world of Elanthia, in the towns of Wehnimer's Landing, Rivers Rest, Icemule Trace, Teras Isle, Pinefar, and Solhaven. In the game, the player takes the role of a warrior, an empath, a cleric, a rogue, a ranger, a bard, a wizard, or a sorceror. The player may choose to be a Giantman, an Elf, a Half-Elf, a Dark-Elf, a Sylvan, a Halfling, a Human, or a Dwarf. Each race and profession has its own pro's and con's, and some combinations work better than others. As this page is STILL under construction (and due to the fact that my tripod directory is running out of space), I have uploaded only a few guides and one map as of yet, but I plan on having more shortly. IF YOU HAVE ANY COMMENTS, QUESTIONS, CRITICISMS OR ANYTHING ELSE OF THE SORT, FEEL FREE TO SEND ME E-MAIL AT: I'm serious! Like two people or so have emailed me so far, so I have no idea what you all think of my site! Send me some mail already people! Tell me what you like, what I should change, etc.(This page was last updated on Monday, March 8, 1999, though not for very long. Sorry.) P.S. This is not an official Simutronics site, yadda, yadda, yadda. Have fun!

Links to the rest of my world (and some other cool places)

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thehighpenguin's Character page: Find out about the character I play, and some of my friends
This is a webpage: A very strange webpage. Try it out!
The Unofficial Gemstone III Page: A really good Gemstone III page (In my opinion, even better than mine. Mostly because mine isn't so good.)
Zepath's Den: Another really good Gemstone III page (Ditto what I put in parenthesis with the last link.)
al'Phoenix's Lore: My friend Meilann's Gemstone III page. Not bad for the silly little guy. :)
The Unofficial Gemstone III Site: Not to be confused with The Unofficial Gemstone III Page listed above, this one is by Alixi Cheysu.

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