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The guides!

How to be a Bard: A guide to Bards by Lady Tanna
How to be a Cleric: A guide to Clerics (not sure who wrote it)
How to be a Rogue: A guide to Rogues by Lord Quiet
How to be a Warrior: A guide to Warriors by Flintum Kneecrusher
How to be a Ranger: A guide to Rangers by Ariek Treefall

The maps! (well....they're coming anyway...)

The Graveyard: A map/guide of the Graveyard by Aegyptia Nyctadaemus

Other useful stuff

Gem Guide: Find the value of your gems! (don't know who the author is)
Monster Guide (the messed up part at the top isn't important): Find out just how tough those beasties are! by Thallrin Nichet (NOTE: this list is outdated! I'll try and find or make a new one, but no guarantees)
Lore Singing Guide for Bards: Hey Bards, ever wonder how to Lore Sing? Find out here! by Lady Tanna
Armor Guide: Everything you ever wanted to know about armor in Gemstone III (and more!) by Lord Bruherd
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