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This page will allow all my adoring fans (yeah, right) to find out a little about my character in the game, and the characters of my friends. Whenever you see "penguin note" in parenthesis, it's because I put something in someone else's write-up. I hope you enjoy, and if you'd like me to print something about your character, or a Gemstone III story you might have written, just send a little write-up to me at: P.S. While there is a link to my info, it's not there yet, so don't click on the "Nalatheni Saotomay" link.

The Characters!

Nalatheni Saotomay: My character
Lord Castrovz Vendadouchi: One of my friend's...a very powerful sorceror
Meilann al'Phoenix: One of my friend's...a really cool warrior
Allewes Silversprings: My fiancee...a really cute (heh heh) sorc.

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