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All about Lord Castrovz

I am Lord Castrovz. I am a level 75 sorceror. I am a very tense and quiet Half-Elf. You will not see me in town ever, except when I have to train. I enjoy hunting Stone Giants, Cockatrices, and, when I'm really pissed off, roltons. I like blasting them off the planet with no effort at all. I am nice to my friends (penguin note: especially Nalatheni!) and you can become one by joining my rat pack. Currently my rat pack is full (penguin note: Nalatheni isn't in it, but he is just about the only exception). In my rat pack there are 2 empaths, a cleric, 3 warriors, me (as the only sorc) and a wizard. For a VERY high price, we can be hired to destroy people or persons. The only other thing I'm interested in is protecting Icemule during invasions. I am currently in possesion of 600,000 silvers. No, you can't borrow any (penguin note: excepting me! Nyaaa!) (Castrovz note: No, not even him.). Last time I used a blade extremely long time ago. Spells are cooler than weapons. Newbies aren't so bad, as long as they don't nag. I'm always willing to help someone who asks nicely. I hate talking out aloud. Whisper to me ONLY. Um...bye.

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