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All about Allewes

And Now, the Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For... (Allewes Silversprings) ...The section all about me! That’s right, this is your chance to read about the infamous Allewes. Now I know you are just dying to hear my story, but to tell you the absolute truth, I don’t know where to start. When I was first asked to write this “essay”, I didn’t figure it would be incredibly difficult so I agreed. Now I find myself babbling about how little I have to say. I suppose I shall start with interests and hobbies. Inside of Gemstone III, I enjoy hunting, parties, contests, and of course, Nalatheni. I also like turtles. If I had chosen to be a wizard, I would definitely have a turtle for a familiar (penguin note: don't get the wrong idea can't choose your familiar). But as a sorc I am left with the company of demons and spirits (which in most respects, are just as fun). I don’t wear skirts (penguin note: she wears pants and trousers). My favorite color used to be purple, but it is now gold. Purple to me was a great color if it weren’t for all of the people I would meet who would say, “Oh, what nice little girl! Isn’t she cute?!”. Now I’ve been called many things during my journeys in Elanthia but “cute” is not one of the adjectives I prefer. I don’t mind being called a b*tch and I must admit I enjoy being called evil, but “cute”? Absolutely not (penguin note: i think she's cute. :P as to evil...yes, she is that as well. so am I, at times). Other pet peeves of mine are those bratty little newbies. We were all newbies once, that’s understood, but I certainly don’t remember anyone standing in TSC begging for money or whining to get healed. Most people, it seemed, wanted to learn how to get jobs and be independent. It is strange to me how people bring outside values into a game. In real life, one must do whatever she or he must do to survive even if it includes being a nuisance. But in a role-playing game, especially one in which the player is limited to hunting and obtaining specific items by his or her level, what is the point of begging and stealing from older players when there’s not too much to gain without experience anyway? I feel it is time to change the subject. As you can probably see, I can be a pretty outspoken person. Generally, I try to be a good citizen in the Elanthian community and I try to help those around me. I certainly have my faults, such as refraining from the usage of “thees” and “thous” and “ye”. I also have the tendency to snap at people and pout if I don’t get my way. I’m spoiled, I admit it (penguin note: believe me, she's spoiled! spoiled...but cute). However, one thing I do pride myself in is my realism. I never want to be perceived as something I am not. Tell the truth at all costs. Say how you feel. No worries, no regrets, and most definitely, no apologies.